Simon Ridley
Tue 3 Jul 2012 10:22
36.39.28N : 02.49.53W
Gerty is now in warm climate, temp is in the mid 20s but sea is just above freezing.
Sail in was good down wind with 2 kn of raisons from behind , speedy.
The Gib straites were achieved in double figures in places, wind was 12 kn at start and 25 at finish with a few 30s on the way all from behind with a 2 or 3 kn sultana from behind. Will need easterly or lorry to leave the Med.
Almerimar marina is big with loads of clapped out boats skatered around , a bit of a grave yard; however is quite plesant as a man made marina, has a memeory of a marina in tenerife . There are several bars and restaurants all Spanish , a mass of unsold appartments, ; but all clean with security and police keeping a fairly high profile.