47:00.32N 08:11.09W

Simon Ridley
Tue 5 Jun 2007 11:07
Portugal Rally day 3, Tuesday 5th June

Yesterday afternoon the wind increased to 15-20 knots from the North and East, and Gertha flew along between 7 and 10 knots, surfing down the side of 10 foot waves. My night watch last night 10pm til 2am was the most exciting night sail I've experienced. Awesome zipping along at that speed in the dark with just the phosphorescence showing in the glow of the navigation lights.

Today the wind has dropped again, 10 - 14 knots, so we're still sailing but not as quickly. Weather is dull and a bit showery.

I saw two large porpoises or small whales this morning about 30 yards from the starboard beam. Very interesting.

Fishing is temporarily suspended due to an excess of boat speed! Still just the one mackerel to my name!

More tomorrow,