Day 3 along the morocon coast

Simon Ridley
Tue 4 Sep 2007 15:01
31:35N 12:09W
Just after midday today Sept 4th

Good sailing yesterday afternoon with kite up nearing 10 knots , hen good all night. This morning wind droped and as been v. slow trying to go dead down wind with not enough wind and a sea that is chopier than what the wind would produce. Just got above 4 knots and I bet we will shoot of course, as am tring to get between twoo shalows one at 225 meters and one at 135 meters; but as the sea is 4000 meters we can expect a slow night.
Still not much wildlife, half a dozen dolphins just came by; and a couple of sea birds in the distance.
Yesterday saw our only boat, came up on the horizon at lunch time and finaly passed us at 7p.m. probly about twice our length.