Up down, on off shake it all about

Simon Ridley
Mon 9 Jun 2008 22:02
25:53.95N 60:38.62W

There's no wind, then there is a little bit of wind, then there's a little bit more wind, then there's no wind. The engine goes on, goes off, goes on again and stays on. The genoa goes up, comes down, goes up again and then comes down. At the moment we are with wind and therefore also with genoa. Last night we had brief excitement as a massive cargo ship passed on the horizon, and this was followed by a gusty bit of wind that woke us all up a bit but didn't manage to propel us through till morning. We had a bit of rain this morning and it was quite overcast until mid afternoon but the sun is back now and we just got over 5 knots woohoo look at us fly! We were greeted through the mist earlier by a pod of dolphins skipping across the surface who decided they didn't want to come and play, but we can't have too much excitement in one day now can we?! We also seem to have picked up a stalker bird that likes to fly along behind us, come to a skidding halt off the stern and then stick it's head in the water. Strange. Maybe we should give it a go. This afternoon we have resorted to charades and "my granny went to a picinc and took...an army of American Atheists, 12 billion balloons, Charlie Dimmock.....an Innuit and an igloo....a rosy red cheeked little rabbit..."you get the picture. Any more ideas for on deck frivolitites would be appreciated or we may have to resort to playing man over board.

I am a little concerened that the mega hard fiendishly difficult sudoku book I brought with me is too easy and Kate is worrying about the skin falling off her feet. We are all a little worried about what Ian was doing in bed till this afternoon with the door and windows firmly sealed.

With any luck the wind will be just over the horizon and we can find something else to complain about in due course.


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