gotland runt

Simon Ridley
Mon 28 Jun 2010 17:10
59.17N 18.55E        
TYoday sees Gurti at her furthest north.
Last night was a quiet anchorage on a small island; today is Sandhamn, proably the Cowes of Sweden.
Yachts are assembaling for the start of race week, the say it is the biggest race any where, 350 yachts racing to Gotland and back.
One memeber of crew is suffering from a major gas attack; apparantly gas at 4pm is caused by food cooked the previouse evening, so sayeth the medical man.
Weather is brill, bird life is interesting, beer is numbing expensive , food iss a little dear and marinas are generaly cheap; apart from this one where the showers have a govenment health warning.
We appear to be the only UK yacht, apartfrom Nykoping where there were threee, we hace only seen one other red duster, this on the Gota canal; apparantly we were the first going west east.