Post Start!

Simon Ridley
Sun 3 Jun 2012 08:49
Well, after the drama’s of the previous few days, I’d like to tell you that the day dawned warm and sunny. We set off on our little “jaunt” in shorts, T shirts and sporting rather attractive sunglasses.
The truth however is rather disappointing. The Rally has been abandoned for the minute, due to a series of Low pressure systems heading down the Channel, and in particular a rather nasty one which looks like it’ll be making an appearance sometime on Thursday (ish) out in Biscay.
So, as things stand we’re still holed up in Plymouth, but trying to find gaps in the weather to see if we perhaps hop across to Northern France and waiting for it all to blow through over there...
We are however managing some rather complex passage planning and have decided that it definitely looks like the best plan is to head in a roughly Northerly direction, across the river to the pub for lunch. Ferry running permitting!
More later from the good ship Gertha
Brian xx