15:1.7N 57:09.38W

Simon Ridley
Tue 11 Dec 2007 18:14
Yesterday was an easy afternoon; but then we were ding sail changes in the small hours, as wind had got up and Gerha was a bit out of control, also I was trying to steer when asleep, must make a note to do some sleeping soon.
Should be on corse for St.L late wednesday or earl thusday, dependingon whhic time zone we use, as curently Gertha is on GMT, so we can grab an extra 4 hours if it is going to make it look good.
Gertha is currently playing with 2 reefs in main and small jib, main jib was a little damaged last night , so will visit Mr. Singer in caribian. We have one boat in sight , also saw one this morning.
Saw a large freight ship yesterday , also one at miday, so all rsh and go, a little like the M25.