44:55.91N 20:08.73W

Simon Ridley
Mon 30 Jun 2008 20:07
COG 60
SOG 7knts (Top speed of 14.5!!!!)
Well well well. Lots of wind we have had! Heading into a low we have experienced some full frontal action keeping us wet, wind-swept and at an angle. About time we experienced some of that crappy weather that we have come to miss. Although don't worry as the sunshine has now returned and spirits are high on the boat. The winds are staying steady but with the confused sea we are sticking to one jib sail to avoid any more rumpety bumpety as sleep has been scarce amongst the crew.
After our spoils of dolphins over the last few days we have only seen one school of dolphins today, but in the visibility we were enjoying after lunch we are not suprised.
After skimpy lunches I will leave you swiftly to scoff a big bowl of spag bog that Simon has knocked up!zzoooooommmmmm!
Laura and the hungry crew xxx