Simon Ridley
Tue 31 May 2011 17:56
50:09.87N  05:05.01W
Tuesday evening 31 may 2011
We are now in Falmouth ready for the start on Saturday.
The weather for trip down has had moments of bad, fortunatly with time on our side we have bounced along in good weather.
Gertha is ready to go, complete with new rev counter , so we will have an idea how much engine time we are running to keep batteries up.
The new smart gauge appears to think we are not using too much battery power and new alternator plus booster is thumping out loads of charge.
Engine appears to like fan belts , a result ot the battery boosting charger, have now mooved to a superior belt and hope this is the answer, if not will  be belt changing in the Atlantic, and that would be a pain.
Small screw came out of sail is our only missdermena , new one is on order.