Sun again

Simon Ridley
Sun 9 Dec 2007 19:16
17:00.18N 51:53.33W

Sun has come back, we are using the main sail or the first time in a week Gertha is blasting.
Steph has confirmed 550 knt to go and at this speed some time thursday is favorite for St. L; but still a way to go.
Catering moved back in to gear with rolls and scones, the last few days have not been possable to do more than basics in galley.
My miden no longer smells of petrol, however am still sleeping wih three down wind sails, I thought we were ment to use down wind sails for a trade wind crossing and all I am doing is sleeping with them; may be theses sailing folk are a bit odd.
Not sure whose turn it is to be in a grump, was Stph yesterday and it is nott me today so presumably the last of the master fisherman ( i forgot my lures) Andrew.
Water is running low in main tank, so will be on reserve jerries and bottles in next couple of days.
Beer is unning low, about 4 days then the meths comes out..