AZAB Day 8

Simon Ridley
Sun 12 Jun 2011 12:44
39:22.65N 23:54.02W
Yesterday was a difficult day, the expected winds arrived from the south west, quite strong and with a large steep sea.  We could either sail west or sail south, our destination being south west  ...ish.  We slammed west for a day and at 01.00 last night were pretty much due north of San Miguel (our destination) and so we tacked and are now heading for the landfall we want 124 miles away.
One thing is worrying us, where are all the other boats?  Simon thinks they have all been abducted by UFOs.  We have only seen one other boat in 2 days and he was sailing to the UK from the Azores .
Hopefully we’ll find out where that other boats have gone tomorrow when we arrive!