Simon Ridley
Mon 7 Jan 2008 12:33
15:18N 61:25W

We have left Martinique behind, the marina was very upmarket with associated bars and not to expensive, however the island is obviously wealthy as no cheap taxis for day trips or boys offering there servies .
At top of island anchored at St. Piere, this was the Paris of the carribian untill an earthquake zaped it with a fireball in 1902 , burnt it all and killed 30,000. The town has never been properly rebuilt and the min street still has loads of burnt out shells ; it would be enough to bring tears to an estate agents eyes seeing all hese vacant properties empty and all with spectacular see views plus a dormant volcano.
Sailing passed the volcano showed some spectacular views of what were lava flows and holes , all now covered in lush vegitation. The sailing was predictable carribian , flat calm behind island then no main as we hit acceleration zone off tip ( complete with squals) then single reef across to here.
Now in Roseau the island capital at anchor in the main place for us leisure boats, a boat welcomed us and set us up on a buoy $US 10 a night ; but as there are only about 5 other boats here do not expect too many boats coming out selling. We appear to have left the crowds behind, not quite sure why about 500 boats all anchor in the bay at south of Martinique and none anywhere up here,maybe thet know something.
All repairs from last week holding up well, the auto pilot had yetsreday off, think it is now fixed after I played with its settings.
Off to find customs and a food shop.