18:44.4N 64:27.4W

Simon Ridley
Thu 5 Jun 2008 22:50
Firstly aplogises for lack of blog yesterday but Team Gertha was somewhat distracted. Intially we better fill you in on the events of yesterday.The day started off with a snorkel near 'The Caves' and a amazing encounter with a Turtle, Lucy and I both managed to follow, him/her for some time. Truly fantastic little thing. Then saddly we left squirt behind and headed to Tortolla for the big shop. And what a big shop, four trolleys later and the amusement of the locals.We started filling the cupboards and hatches. However the big problem was 20 packets of chocolate Bimbo cookiees and were the heck to put them. Next the proposition............ two friendly brits thought we did not quite have enough on board and wondered if we could return their hire life raft to the UK, as they had become acustomed to the mental horizontal lifestyle of the caribean and did not want to return to england.After the deliberation of the possible contents of the raft and whether immigration and customs would have a problem back in the Uk and perphaps the subtle help of a bottle of champagne and a few quid, the liferaft was strapped aboard......Therefore only one thing left to do ,was to make the most of the last night ashore and Village Cay Marina Restaurant. Beautiful grub for all and the amusing entertainment of a local playing a guitar with his teeth and some outstanding dancing from a few yanks. Sensibly we decided to retreat to the boat as we had to set sail for the Azores tomorrow but that did not quite happen. Not blaming anyone Miss Wilson but we managed to end up drinking Wine with a Yank named David and him telling us about how we found Antigua race week the most unorganised event ever as "They had no were no put the dingy, so we put it in the middle of the harbour on 400metres of anchor chain" but he did come fourth well maybe third or maybe fourth.The highlight of the night however was the comment "my wife wanted to put the dolphin in a pot" oh the americans.....!!! So eventually we all retreated to bed and started to get ready to head out into the big blue. After a bit more shopping we got sail about 2pm today and headed North East.Land is just diaspearing into the distance as we start to consider what's for tea.

So as some famous rabbit once said

That's all folks!!

Kate and Team Mentally Horizonatlly ; )