Simon Ridley
Tue 1 Jan 2008 14:07
13:50N 61:00W

Ships log star date 31122007

The two aliens that we picked up on planet Rodney Bay twoo weeks ago
have now been placed on a shutle ship with the local alien sub spieces,
negotiating transfer was hard work as we do not believe that the locals
would except these two aliens would only be with hem for a short period
before being beamed to UK.

Soufriere bay is another drop dead gorgouse anchorage (except we were
on a buoy) with long stern rope to shore wraped around palm tree, again
local boat bouys earn ther kepp taking and undoing ropes, the ones
trying to sell there tack arae a pain ; but leave when you say NO.
Souflet own has a volcano, some run down property, a botanic garden,
customs man, quaint run down streets you would not walk to far up, a
small church and considering it is one of the to see places not a single
bar or coffee shop for the tourists on the front, splendid to know that
tourism is the islnds largest revenue; but whilst the island is slipping
it still has some standerds.

New year at rodders bay