Jonnny and Kierra

Simon Ridley
Tue 1 Jan 2008 13:52
15:00 N 61:10.10W

Wallilabou Bay.

Small delay this mornig G.J. had knocked steps off back into 6 meters of water, plaaying in the night, tryed to fish them out with no luck so waved at boat boy. Patrick doned masked having negotiated rewared and plucked the steps from see bed $ec 50 well spent.
Now in bay on buoy and tied up to remains fo set from Pirates Of Carribian, beautifull setting, boat boys a little heavy at first ; but soon left us alone.
Watched P of C on laptop and we are right where it all happened a little strange as I can not find Miss Nightly any where. A good bar if basic on shore and friendly custms man for check out of SVG.
The fact that we have to clear in and out of custms and immigration on all islands is frustrating ; but is part of the fun of the sailing and is getting a few stamps in passport.
Anchor windlass has joined list of broken parts for grand fix which we are planning for Matinigue, we believe that the spares and services are good on Martinique, Rodney bay was not bad ; but apparantly most parts come from Mart as he yhave free trade with europe. We now need a new batern , (only breakage on ARC), rev counter on engine, remote control for windlass and something else I have forgotten.