35:48.55N 39:26.56W

Simon Ridley
Thu 19 Jun 2008 20:28
15-20 knts windspeed
COG- 60m
Well last night we were attacked by another flying sea animal.....a squid! that was see through with luminous blue insides nice. Then today more dolphins feeding the on going question of species type....still undecided.
After lucy insisting on putting gerry up he saw the light of day for exactly ten mintes before the winds built up and he had to retreat back to his sail bag.
Presently sailing upwind caused by a low pressure passing north of us this morning it is a pleasant change to the past four days of downwind sailing. Causing excitment when we all got a faceful of the now freezing sea water...of course we were all glad it was kate at the helm who bore the brunt of this afternoon refreshment.
After a long wet shower this morning the sunshine has returned although we are starting to feel the change in climate as we go......sunbathing may soon be off the menu. Maybe not such a bad thing as our skin is falling off by the day.
Ordering a take away tonight....thought we deserved a night off in front of the telly........Ah well marks and spencers tinned Sweet & Sour is what we have and the evenings entertainment will consist of pictionary on deck or after dinner aerobics.
We look forward to another night of slanty sleeping.
Laura and these smelly people .....four days until showers (of course I smell like a rose ;) !)xxx
A belated big 21 to miss Birkett....I have heard your dad helped you celebrate it in style xxxx
Happy 19th birthday to Ruth, hoping you are celebrating in style.