Simon Ridley
Thu 6 Sep 2007 19:09
28:55.02N 13:42.07W

Well we made it, landed at 2 or 3 this morning. We think today is thursday ; but are not quite sure, and after moving my clock on 1 hour last night I have found that I had the wrong time and we are still GMT plus 1.
All is civilived here ,3 harty men came to take our ropes as we landed at 2 in the morning, then two more this morning when we moved to a birth, may be UK marinas could learn something here. The marina is complete with Irish bar serving Sunday roast every day and a seletion of trendy shops, a sort of mini brighton marina surounded by dusty volcanos. The name of the marina and surounding suberbs has the same name as the architect who desigined the complex, presumably the man has a small ego.
Yesterday was the best sailing as the sea and wind were the same size, as result Gertha put on her astmetric blouse and went for a blast, a big pod of dolphins came to play and Steph colected some video.In the morning I watched a mass of sea birds , as far as I could guess Corys Shearwater, Manx shearwater and Baleric Shearwater ; Steph is sure they were all sea gulls.
Have booked Gertha to have her bottom scrubed and prop lubed by a very nice Check girl in the boat yard, so we will be ready to go fast on ARC, just hope I can drag the crew out for the odd sail change every hour or so to get best speed.