AZAB return Day 3

Simon Ridley
Fri 24 Jun 2011 19:16
43:03.54N 20:01.59W
Today we have had fairly light winds.  We were tracking a little east of the rhumb line, this was likely to put us into extremely light and variable winds on Sunday prior to northerly winds developing.  Because of this we have rigged twin headsails with no main and since lunchtime we have been running downwind which should take us a little north of the rhumb line.  The weather is clear and sunny.  I made a chicken curry last night and this evening Simon made us fried steak with mushrooms and carrots.
Yesterday we had a small catastrophe, we have run out of baking powder!  Simon’s scones looked lovely but were about ten times heavier than you would expect!  Tomorrow we may see if crushed up Rennies are a substitute for baking powder.  Peperminty scones – yummy!