17:39.9N 62:45.3W

Simon Ridley
Sat 31 May 2008 22:45
We are sailing....offically happy hour out in the caribean, all sat with a beer awaiting the sunset as we approach our first over night.Set off from jolly harbour this morning and heading to the BVI for a big shop....afraid no fish for supper, as first fishing attempts failed, maybe were travelling too fast or maybe Lucy's fish song wasn't quite in tune.Highlight of the day has to be Tom Cruise aka Ian and his invinsible winching skills, just as a squall hit and we were reefing Ian decided to prove his prowess and wind a empty winch.......Food preparation at sea is improving and no sandwichs on the walls today or excessive hot chilli sauce everywhere. Unfortunately Albert our little crab which decided to join us aboard this morning did not quite make it back home but at least we wont have any problems with immigration.All in all a good days sailing with a average of about 7 knots and suprisingly all looking good on the sunburn front and maybe I'm actually tanning not frying for once, must be the factor dufflecoat.....Also a belated happy birthday Dad.Hope u like the book.

lots of love all from the caribean

Kate and the mentally horizonal crew and skipper..x