Simon Ridley
Sat 8 Dec 2007 21:43
I am now in my cabin , shared with three sails and a genle perfume of petrol. The sails are no longer needed as we now sail with one small jib, the petrol will be the can in the anchor locker leaking, no bi problem, will investigate when can back up front of Gertha.
We have had a good sail so far, set off down he rum line, with a risk of calms ; but none happened so saved 100 miles on trip. then used best sails to make for St L . At teaa time 4 days ago Asymetric was too much so went to main only, next morning set jib and genoa , poled opposite each other and made progreess in light winds, then wind incresed in night and I had a good sail, if on he edge. Following day all was good with this set up of twin head sails so caried them into night. Wind then got p and moved to south so we had a fast night going a bit north.
Morning yeterday we reduced to one head sail and were on corse, since then we have only had a small head sail or no sail, Gertha is searing her self most of the time ; but we have had long periods of us on helm, so all well knackered.
AT his time, pm local on saterday is looking a bit better; but still 2/30 knts breeze, forunatly pshing us to caribian.
Seph is in grump cooking tea and Andrew should be on wattch.
Happy days from an Atlantic


P.S.were is the plot