Office is reopen

Simon Ridley
Wed 2 Jul 2008 21:08
46:53.30 N 13:36.95 W
Cog 75
wind angle bit north of west
boat speed 7 knots
wind speed 18 knots
Evening one and all from a rather wet and wind battered crew,
It has been all change aboard Gertha, as we have experienced some proper wind and some good rain oh and a few squalls for good measure.Sorry as Lucy just reminded me can't forget the hail too. However we are apparently heading out of the low and should be experinceing less wind and rain tomorrow. Here's hoping- so no more bad news     Trevor !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or else !!!!
Sincere aplogises for the closure of office yesterday but we were somewhat preoccupied when the man above decided to test our sailing skills, waterproofs, sense of humour, cooking abilitys, eating abilitys, sleeping ability and of course moving abilitys so I propose we are all now horizontally mental reflecting gertha's position of somewhat heeled over.
Luckily though he did not decide to test our plumbing ability's again !!
Another aplogise for the confusion caused by the email for  Trevor our weather man that accidently got published as the blog-hope some sense can be gained from that situation now.
Anyhow we aren't quite back to mentally horizontal sunshine sailing so power nap needed.
So adios till tomorrow and like Mr Schwarzegener famously once said I'LL BE BACK !!!.
Kate  ;  )