Questionable Mentally horizontal ?

Simon Ridley
Sat 21 Jun 2008 20:58
37:47.35 N 33:59.49 W
Course 80
No Wind/ Motoring
Ahoy there Matey's. Greetings from the big blue........and a typical Azores high aka sunshine and no wind
As yesterday evening wore on the amount of canvas was intially increased from three reefs until it needed to be completely reduced to no sails and the hum of engine, unfortunatley has become our power.The wind has died, however there are rumours of the wind increasing in the early hours this evening and to be honest I hope it comes as santity of some crew members is definetly becoming questionable. Not one, Not two hours, not three but four hours of cards below deck from two crew members and now a highly entertaining dance/aerobic session from young Miss Ridley and Miss Wilson.   Are the guys in white coats avaliable to pick up out here??   hehehehehe. No well at least spirits are all high and the ever present daily sunshine is a little compensation for the present lack of wind.
We were also presently greeted from a school of atlantic dolphins this morning who played in the bow wave, showing true grace and power with a synchronised swim performance.
Adios from the definitily mentally horizontal and almost insane team Gertha
Kate ; )