AZAB return Day 1

Simon Ridley
Wed 22 Jun 2011 13:34
39:33.77N 26:08.21W
Very low winds were predicted at the start and there was much discussion over whether to go east around the island or west.  Start day dawned and was the windiest day we have had in San Miguel!  The fleet flew across the line with sails reefed, we were double reefed, around a buoy at the end of the bay (to give spectators something to see) and then off to England.  The first boats chose to head west which meant heading straight back through the fleet towards the west of the island.  Everybody followed.  It must have given the chap on the beach a wonderful spectacle.
Within two and a half hours we were west of the island and we headed as north as possible given the northerly wind.  However as the evening drew in the wind died and we spent the night and all of today so far in 5 to 7 knots of wind.  We expect this to increase around this time tomorrow.
At dawn I saw at least 20 sperm whales swim past us!