ships log star date 24062008

Simon Ridley
Tue 24 Jun 2008 13:38
Horta is an excelent marina in a wonderfull town on a beautifull island with some of the most friendly locals that grace gods earth.
Reflections on a passage.
Distance covered ships log 2360, GPS 2438
Time taken, marina entrance to marina entrance 17 days 23 hors 45 mins, if you want from berth out to berth in then it takes a day longer.
Engine run 92 hours , 71 hrs propulsion at 4 knots in flat calm. Fuel used will be aprox 150 lts. People will know that I am loath to moter.
Weather 4 days of calms rest of time 10- 20 knots most in west, first two days was east. A couple of times 25 knots.
Speed , max 11 knots min 0 knts average 5.5recuring
Fish caught 3
Dolphins seen 10  days
Wales seen spurm on dat 2, pilot on last day
Birds seen every day, Nigel was with us every morning and had his whole family to meet us as we came close to Azores.
I am sure one of ships literay experts will update later.
Trevor thanks for weather and email help, 17 out of 18 on weather, yesterday was only 10 knots ! Emails are now fine since your advise, Outlook is good for sat phone Thunderbird should not be used as is downloading although all tabs set for it to not do so.
Biscay next, Ilses Scily, plymouth southampton.
We are rafted beside Tide Chase an ARC yacht, mutual friends with Maximus and Norsa. Maxims has been shiped home and Norsa is in Jolly Harbour , Antigua, Tide Chase had a rough crossing and is being repaired ready for return to blighty.