Half way on Day 10 - ARC 2007

Simon Ridley
Tue 4 Dec 2007 11:52
19:56.46N 37:21.48W

Dearest Reader,

Just a real quick one to say that as of 10.30 your time we reached our official half way point, 1400 miles sailed, with 1400 miles to go.

Weather warm, winds light and variable, due to increase later.

Yesterday Steph made a lovely banana cake and Simon made scones - we had tiffin on deck with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea. It's a hard life don't you know! Sausage and Colcannon Potatoes with onion gravy for dinner with a glass of cheapo vino tinto rounded off the day's gastronomic experience. Ho hum.

Must rush, things to do, places to go.........................


"Team Gertha"