virgin gorda

Simon Ridley
Sat 19 Jan 2008 01:02
18:27.1N 65:26.3W
19 Jan 2007

We are now nearly as far west as Gertha is going this time out, if the log had not re-zeroed on the Atlantic I could tell you how far we have traveled since 26 march 2007, when we left Ipswich ; a good guess is 5500 nautical miles.
Antigua was full of the most enormouse yachts, I thought St. Tropez had a lot; but certaily sailing there were far more here. The Island is obviously warm and the sea hot ; but the islands to the south have more charicter, I can only presume that since the island has no big hills to upset the winds the guys prefer the sailing. It is a fact of sailing in the southern Carribian all the islands have big 5000ft hills and the wind whistles around the hill and stops behind the hill so sailing is interesting, Antigua is only 1000ft. in the middle so these charicteristics cannot develop.
By the time we had caught up with sleep after an over night from Isles des saints, then a couple of hours for custtoms, plus a day checking marina storage options we did not get far on the island , however we return in a couple of weeks and will stamp up a hill then.
Virgiin Isles are again low so less silly wind, as ex-british the beaurocrats have long winded clearance. This morning I had a form with 5 copies, Antigua was 6, the imegration man was grumpy/rude then a wait for customs for a rude/grumpy girl then paid a happy girl $14.00 to stay. Next week is customs week, a big sign up to tell us, pity no sign to help imbacials like me clear there system, at the end of week a dance and party with formal dress, may be we should go and see if customs people smile on there time off.
After The cusoms men I had to take on he Harbour master, I think his wife was the customs clerk and they are a grumpy family, next was chandlery to buy a flag and anything I could find to help windlass ; guess what , Mr. and Mrs Grumpy have a son , he works the chandlery; but all was not lost , I require a flag and for this I was sent to the dive shop. The Lady in the dive shop was happy.
Tried tourest info. for a few sights to see, he had the closed sign up but was open, the customs had they same problem, could be a local dissease. Virgin Gorda is a little short in the old ruins and theam park department; but there is a grave yard that we cannot find and tommorow we are off to the baths, have been by sea and we are going by land so can stamp over rocks ; but not in swimming cosy as by sea you have to swim ashore.
his key board does no like he le er "TT" so in fu er I shall leave a blank when ever I wan o use his le er.
I am officialy board of either backspacing each time I want a T or trying to think of words with no T.
Spent day re-wiring windlass hope it will now work propper, bit of a problem in this department.Then checked fuel , still have virus; but cleaning filter every 10 hours must be clearing it, hopfully will burn off rest of tank in next couple of weeks and can fill with clean stuff, before leaving in Antigua .
In the sailing hot spots people all have named T shirts, it gets cofusing when I wear my shirt given by local pub " the Bush" people are all looking for a yacht with this name, think may be next time I wiil name my boat either Swan or Crown as could then get shirts and have a suitable name for a boat.