Simon Ridley
Mon 20 Jul 2015 05:09
59.00 N  30.00 E
Now entering week 3 of the ARC Baltic, currently have zero wind after a steady blow yesterday, the wind comes and goes. Good squall/ down poor on friday, the rain comes and goes.  Fine sunny day on another day, the sun comes and goes. Weather here is a bit UK ; but proably colder.
Tallinn is a UNESCO old town , all cobble streets,olde worlde buildings, restaurants and gift shops, big cruise ship terminal and a fine natural harbour.
Local boat show had a fine colection of old navy vessels, think that when the USSR pulled out of Estonia in 1991 they left some of there old boats and lorries behind, now making up a museum colection in the remains of an old ship yard from 1920 with eastern bloc concrete additions
A small panic in the ARC fleet , Russia has a fairly low , 3 lts allowance for alcohol ; it is well known what the “A” stands for , so a few seriouse de-stocks taking place. The good news is fuel is dirt cheap in Russia so the moter boats in the fleet will be having a re-stock of this other vital comodity.
The local bird life is mainly terns, with a few gulls, I suspect that both sea life and bird life is low, as not much food in the Baltic. A small pod of porpouse near Rostoc is the only marine life I have seen.