Norman island

Simon Ridley
Sat 26 Jan 2008 00:19
18:19N 64:37W
The Bight

I could ramble on about american charter boats ; but I have done that.
This is yet another gorgeous bay.
We have now nearly done the Virgin Isles and are slowly heading for Antigua and home.
As always the music has been rachioned, will be buying a larger ipod in UK, the youth of today just does not enjoy music.
Two nights ago we were in Jost van Dyke, an island with a bar that has a world famous musician, he was not playing when we were there, but as he is nearly 70 I am sure he was alowed a night off.
Now on an island that was made famous in treasure island, we are led to believe that no treasure is left.
It would appear that the few ARC yachts that I know are starting to make plans, both Cat Man Do and Ondina will be heading this way at the end of April, something to do with ships home.
Slowly lost the plot, in marina office was strugling with day and date , month not to bad year I was sure of.
Key pad is still stupid, Steph has retired as am hitting it hard.