anything i can dream up!

Simon Ridley
Sun 1 Jun 2008 22:27
18:30N 64:22W
hello all, we are presently located in the british virgin islands, around 2 km's away from richard branson's pad, he invited s in for afternoon biscuits but we were in a bit of rush. last night we made our first overnight crossing, the weather was kind and we only had too reef down once. the weather was very hot and dry today resulting in a few red patches but nothing amounting to anything serious. tom cruise had an uneventful day and it is his turn to say that the oestrogen levels on the boat mean that the only male (who doesn't own the yatch) is the brunt of most humour. (probably well desreved). we are located in bitter end harbour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you cold get any more americans in the BRITISH virgin isle's it wouldnt be posible. kate is paranoid that pirates have been following us... but it turns out that her fear was unjustified.. the sailing has been enjoyable and we were met with light winds running at 10-12knts.. we will be staying arond the BVI till around wednesday, before starting the crossing major incident , he msic sysem is down which is interupting the atmosphere of happy hour 1800hrs local time.