Wot no fish ?

Simon Ridley
Fri 30 Nov 2007 11:30
23:34.42N 27:00.71W
Position at 11.00 UTC riday Nov 30

Left Gran canary in big seas and strong wind, had small jib and up to 3 reefs in and out for first 24 hours. We then moved up to genoa and main . Have had spinackers up and down a few times , we curently have our sexy symetric up, know either as the wasp or doby due to its colours.
Chose a corse to follow he rum line to St. Lucia , this has been going well with fair winds and had broad reach untill this morning. Wind is slowly moving east so we are now on a down wind run in about 15 knots of breeze.
The world cruising map has not always beeen corect, day one I put in a wrong coordinate and moved us 60 miles east , wedneday we were moved 200 miles north, so do not take the position to seriously.
Fishing has been slow one caught for lunch yesterday and many that have got away. 1st mate is soon to get grumpy if he does not catch more.
Catering is going well, fresh bread and fresh fish for lunch yesterday; jam tart the day before with beef caserole the day before. Tuesday was chicken curry.
Bird life so far is several storm petrel and some big shearwaters, possably migrating great shearwaters.
No whales or dolphins; but Steph has seen flying fish.
Bigest disaster was shampoo on fruit in shower store; but that is all cleaned up now.