Simon Ridley
Sun 15 Jun 2014 17:19
50.09,2N 05.03.9W
Gertie is in Falmouth, perfect landing at sunset last night.
Classic Yacht rally and sea shanty festival, fireworks et all. If I did not know better I might think world cruising had laid it all on for us; but when the fireworks started I knew that would be beyond budget.
The Chainlocker continues to support knackered yachties, the Doombar is slipping down as I blog.
Appologies for the recent blogger; but he is asleep after hitting the best of UK ice cream after an abstinence of many months; also the Samsung decided it did not like his most recent update, swalowed it and not had sight of day or screen.
Forth Atlantic or second circuit now complete, no problems for a Hanse 370 The kiwi prop failed; but I never liked it, new one from Maxprop is a dream, back and fowards in a marina without drama plus a much raised cruising speed.Boom is damaged after an autopilot shutdown in a squall but it has brought us home, plus the damaged part was on list for replacment as Mr. Hanse failed to protect from corosion between Stainless and Aluminium.
Brighton next port of call then Suffolk