Floating Engines, Knots and Eating Butter

Simon Ridley
Tue 27 May 2014 14:56
LAT 38.28 N LON 33.14 W
Emma here today, Anthony is currently otherwise engaged with making scones, which I have just heard have an obscene butter content and are currently melting into a buttery mess. Too much Barefoot Contessa for Anthony. I guess we can dip biscuits into them and call it a butter sauce? I cannot mock though. I tried to make muffins the other day and they turned into fruit and nut butter bars. We should just cut out the middle man and just eat butter straight out of the pack.
After a quiet day yesterday we all hoped for a little more action today which has not really materialised. So, with our arrival imminent we are all taking the quiet time to read and the like (I have been drawing, not as hard as I thought it would be with the rocking, but still no easy feat) and making the most of the last few days of sailing before we arrive at the Azores.
Seems like we will soon be on the Dark’n’Stormys too. Mauritz made his first question to Anthony at 6 am: “Are we going to get loaded today?” which probably followed on from our conversation last night.
Food supplies are getting low, with meals now consisting of either tinned veg and pasta, or tinned veg and curry. The meat eaters are down to grade B dog food. There are far too many tins of off-green peas (sorry Val, Skip will be taking home pretty much only peas) and we are down to the last two packs of biscuits.
Yesterday Mauritz gave Anthony a knot lesson and taught him that if he wants to tie two ropes of different colour together he can only use a sheet knot. Anthony then taught me the same thing. Neither of us questioned the ridiculous concept that colour would influence the type of knot used. This entertained Mauritzs and Skip for some time.
The weather is good, blue skies, calm sea, good visibility and we are cruising at 6.5 to 7 knots. Fingers crossed the winds continue like this for the next few days.
Finally, last night Anthony spotted something floating in the water and exclaimed to Mauritz “I think there is an engine floating in the water”.....