Simon Ridley
Wed 23 Jan 2008 00:52
18:25.5N 64:39.6W
We are now in Cane Garden Bay , a small bay with a few bars and about 30 odd other boats all american charter boats. Having spent a few days I can confirm that the only thing british in the british virgin islands is us and the weather..
We had three days in a small marina waiting for the worst of the weather to pass and at that time did not realise how big the US presence is. We have now sailed to the top of Virgin Gorda a lovely spot with a club that was a bit euro disney, out of 200 yachts I think they were all US charter , fortunatly there were a few charter boats with the red ensign so all is not lost; also I am fairly sure that more than one had an owner from Bury St. Edmunds. It would be fair to say that Ralphs 80ft cat looked fairly small next to the big kit, we just do not count.
Weather has turned better, as we have to get back to Antigua I hope this holds as seas were a bit big; but bot imposable.
Sea turtel was swimming in bay, hope he avoids prat yank in spead boat, also Pelicans are impresive.
Super market in village had american news on; apparantly there markets are not good, if you hear and see them I can not think why any one would invest in them.
As we are now in a more tourist area we are missing out on Pirats of Carribian, presumably not filmed up here.
Jos Van Dyke next , presumbly a dutch connection.