Getting there

Simon Ridley
Sun 22 Jun 2008 20:17
38:17.8N 31:11.09W
Course: 95 degrees
Speed: 7.5 knots
Wind speed: 20 knots from west
At around midnight the wind came back and we've been enjoying it's charming company throughout the day. Back up  to speed and back on course we should be seeing land for the first time in 16 days by first light tomorrow and should be setting up camp in Horta by the afternoon. We hope to have the video camera rolling as we step off the boat as the sight of us stumbling around on dry land should prove to be highly entertaining.
Today we did a bit more dolphin spotting and Nigel has been past a couple of times with Nigella. We also had our first encounter with a real rareity in these parts: the lesser spotted sailing boat. Indeed it was the first sight of canvas belonging to anyone other than Gertha that we have seen since we left the Caribbean and it proved to be highly exciting for us. They called us up for a chat on the VHF and we like totally learnt that they were from Newport, Rhode Island. Awesome! As if! They were so on their way to eating waffles in a mall somewhere.
Laura was chef at lunchtime and did a great job convincing the unmeltable tinned cheese to melt into a yummy pasta bake and Kate is now getting creative with some tinned chicken. With any luck we will be eating at a table tomorrow night where the food will actually stay put and someone else will do the washing up.
Until next time, farewell from us smelly and salty ones.