17:04.55N 61:53.55W

Simon Ridley
Fri 30 May 2008 23:22
Today we have moved round the coast to Jolly Harbour and are feeling very jolly in keeping with the area. It took us about 3 hours downwind with the pretty asymetric spinnaker showing off for most of the way. Lots more flying fish, and a turtle, and plenty of sunshine despite the mega storm that blew over first thing (after our swim though so all is well). Quite a lot of sailing tunes were played including the Top Gun theme tune as Ian does seem to think he's auditioning for the leading role in the remake of said film! He likes to exercise regularly and has washed his hair more times so far than all three girls on board together!

We all had another swim in the sea upon arrival in Jolly Harbour, at a balmy 30 degrees it's a real hardship. Went inland to use up caribbean dollars as will not be able to use them in the BVI where we will head tomorrow. Ian (minus the boxers) spent a while slobbering at the bar over a girl we have named Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Simon thinks this will make Mark aka The Donkey very jealous as apparently he was planning on marrying her. The girls were disappointed by the male barman who had a swagger. They have had to re-build the marina since someone fell in a few weeks ago and had to be hauled out by 7 army blokes. Not sure who that was but apparently he goes by the name of Jaunty.

At anchor and Laura is doing a great job in the galley cooking up a storm for all on board. Managed to anger the locals by defrosting our chicken in the microwave that needs the very noisy generator to keep it moving.

The crew and Captain Scooby

P.S no longer a panic as Shaggy's mate we found out is called Fred (thanks Ruth)

P.P.S Lucy is beating Kate in sun brnage today so no number will be issued.