Its hot out here.

Simon Ridley
Mon 3 Sep 2007 14:23
33:28N 10:47W at midday 3 Sept 2007

Weather is starting to warm up; but the sea is till only 22c. Wind is still light from the north , sailing at about 4-5 knots in 10 knots of wind , may be I should have had my bottom scrubed in Lagos to find the extra half knot. At least with Hanse we are sailing , I pity anyone else out there in more of a solid cruiser or over weight multihull.

Bird and wildlife is near non existant, no dolphins since yesterday and one comon turn.

High life of today has been making apple pie, can see may have to take some cream on the ARC.

Last night by chance I find I have an excelent down wind sail set up, poled out genoa and self tack made for extermly easy down wind sailing, that was after half the day playing with lots of other options, all except symetric, as swell would have guaranteed a wine glass..