Simon Ridley
Sat 5 Jul 2008 17:56
50:09N 5:04W
Arrived Falmouth this afternoon as Plymouth unapproachable due to bloody strong winds. Very wet and windy with mahussive seas near the lizard that sent bowls smashing and water cascading everywhere under. Force 9 most of today not exactly a picture perfect close to the voyage but certainly spectacuclar. Lots of ship dodging as got closer to land. Truly British music brought us in with jerusalem, pomp and circumstance etc. Straight to the pub for lots of grub now attempting to dry the boat so we don't all get hypothermia during the night, Kate just filled 3 1/2 buckets from one locker alone.
Stephy: your record got blown out of the water today, Gertha got up to somewhere around the 18 knot mark but exact speed not easy to read as hanging on to anything and everything for dear life. Simone needs a medal for managing to stay on the boat despite Neptune's efforts to swallow him. He's got a poorly paw which hopefully is nothing major.
Clever trevor who gives us the weather:  a massive thank you for all your hard work, although you could have held off the force 9 until after we were on dry land.
Someone may get inspired to write something poetic at some point, but we may all pass out in the not too distant fuure.