Shift Change

Simon Ridley
Sun 25 May 2014 09:47
First things first! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISLA! My little niece, back in distant Guildford is another little year older. I love you lots, Isla, and cannot wait to see you and everyone in a month or two!
So, to business.
Yesterday it was decided that the rota should be changed, which though it cut my (precious, so precious) day off in half, means that we get more hours of consecutive rest on our shifts. Good stuff.
Something else has also shifted, as we find ourselves into the second half of our crossing. Mileage wise we’re probably well over half way by now, but it’s in other senses that we have shifted. We are talking about our arrival in the Azores (mainly regarding cheese and Peter’s bar), and have literally been counting down the miles. We’re not willing them away; it’s lovely out here, and I’m sure in a month or two when we’re sat somewhere that isn’t rocking to and fro we’ll look back on this and wonder why we counted anything down. But of course we have landmarks to reach, and it wouldn’t be a crossing from one place to another without the shores on the other side. The proper stuff, the nuts ‘n’ bolts, the meat of this whole thing, that’s in the passage. If we were in it just for the arrival then we’d have flown there. And that wouldn’t be travel now, would it? That would be motion. But instead, silly fools that we all are, we decided to bloody sail that big bit of map! And each of those miles we’ve counted down, crossed off and marked on a map are full of the stuff that we’ll remember.
Just got time to gobble an egg sandwich before my watch begins.
Again, happy birthday Princess Isla! I love you!