no aliens

Simon Ridley
Wed 13 Nov 2013 14:46
21.32.2N 19.36.2W
Big excitment , we see one big ship at least 3 times a day.
We hope to see aliens, but the nearest is shooting stars and phospheresence at night.
Looking  foward to Cape Verde where maybe the ARC people will have another dance troop ; the leaving party in Las Palmas had a group of the campest dancers outside of a boy scouts meet, I can only wonder at which director of world cruising selected them.
We are now in down wind mode with sails braced left and right, Gertha is trused up like a thanks giving turkey.
The Duogen that I spent the summer restoring is proving its worth , we are basicly electric neutral where are generated and used electricity are much the same.
Winds are about 15 20 knots from north east, if we are lucky we will be sailing down wind all the way there having spent a day and a hoalf on a broard reach to get a bit of east in.
The position of boats we receice from ARC office is odd, we all are heading for st. lucia so the meaning for this leg is a bit waisted ; but after todays radio net it appears most of us are in a fairly tight cluster.
Rally is made of 3 groups, 2 mono and one cat , Gertha is scratch boat in 2nd devision so we should be about 19 , as ther are 2 groups of 18, plus the catamarangs