wet and windy

Simon Ridley
Fri 4 Jul 2008 21:13
49;13.79N 7;20.83W
COG 71
SOG 7 knts
Another day coming to an end,
its been an energetic 24 hours and the beautiful atlantic weather has been keeping us all busy.
with the main going from first to second to third reef and back again.
whilst last night no main at all and just sailing with our storm jib, we have been making good progress.
our anticipation of the low and our tracking east early on avoided the force 9 cat centre, we managed to escape with a wet and wind blown experince
the activity of vessels is increasing as we draw closer to the motherland.
we would like to take this oppourtunity to request a good pizza derlivery number in plymouth.
moral is high, even after 24 days at sea, the enjoyment one can get from watcing a fellow crew mate try and replace a single cup into the cupboard only to be greeted by a five minute juggling act still  manages to raise a smile.
we are in the closing stages now and ETA stands at a late evening arrival.
so once more i bid you fairwell
ian and the gertha crew