Victory for Gertha

Simon Ridley
Sun 13 Jul 2008 18:45
50: 47.51N 01:07.02W
Gertha and crew are very sad as we will be back in Suffolk in a matter of days and are currently plotting our escape routes into Eastern Europe or back to the Caribbean. Alas, it is not to be and freedom will soon be gone as someone has to go back to work. Maybe I will take Gertha voyaging, anyone want to join me?!
Gertha spent the weekend on the Hamble and kicked some Hanse butt at the rally held at the Royal Southern Yacht Club (oh la-de-da how spiffing). Despite being ridiculously overladen having just sailed over 12000 miles she managed to win her class and finish around 5th overall out of around 20 boats. Not a bad effort that was rewarded with t-shirts and a book about how to be an amazing sailor, although I felt they probably should have given the book to the losers as we are quite clearly already outstanding!
Currently in Gosport, the next stop will be either Eastbourne, Dover or Ramsgate depending on wind and tides before making the final trip up the North Sea home. Booooo hiss.
See you soon Magic.