AZAB Day 4

Simon Ridley
Wed 8 Jun 2011 14:21
44:06.50N 16:43.52W
We finally ran out of wind at around breakfast time this morning and so we both took the opportunity to shower and generally tidy up.  We then spent the morning trying to persuade Gertha to sail in less than 2 kts of wind.  We discovered that the fastest she would go was about 1kt with no sail and no wind??  We think that the rolling of Gertha’s keel through the water due to the ocean swell must be “swimming” us forwards.  This only lasted an hour and the wind returned with some squally fronts.  We have just replaced the genoa with the self tacking jib and expect to reef the main throughout the afternoon.  Beef and carrot casserole was prepared by Simon last night, my turn tonight.