got wind?

Simon Ridley
Sat 7 Jun 2008 23:25
Wind 0 knts
Course 045Mag

hello all,
all is well on gertha today, since we last checked in: the fish was
beautiful, kate and i finished the last of it off for lunch today. last
nights night watches went well.
i had a moment of panic thanks to kate and laura, i changed shifts at 2
am and kae came on. just as i was drifting off to the land of nod, kate
requested that i show her how to use the ASI, like a radar, identifies
boats and there course etc, she informed me that they had just seen
faint lights of a vessel in low cloud; looking on the ASI it informed
that currently we would miss each other by 1.8NM in 24 mins,
"check it quite often though, if theres low cloud she may slow down
abit" i said as i retired to by berth. no sooner as i was crawling into
bed kate screams!!
"Oh fxxk!! where did that come from!" diving out of bed running on deck
to think that we had seconds before a collision ...... to find kate
prancing around waving her hands with laura not far behind.. turns ou a
small fish had jumped on bored and kate had put her hand on it, thought
it was lauras foot, didnt move it untill laura moved and yet her "foot"
apparantly didnt, the fish was put back in the blue and i retired to bed
a little on edge.

the wind has dropped dramatically today we are currently motoring with
the sails down, its been a scorcher, but factor duffel coat saved the
day again. skip is currently looking for wind but to no avail
.simon had an overally active day before 7 am local time he had, washed
the deck, replaced bungies and unblocked the heads..
hope all is well in england or wherever you are reading this post from.
sharps extends her thanks to ellen with regards to book she bough her.
we are steadilly milling our way through the small library we have
between us. brocolli for dinner.

ight all
Ian and the Gertha team

A note,
In an attempt to make best use of sat phone am connecting at or about
mid-night and mid-day, so e-mails sent should be picked up at these times.