Pre departure

Simon Ridley
Fri 3 Jun 2011 16:51
Whilst Trevor the crew has spent the last two days driving to Sussex and back, I have spent my time polishing Gertha , she now shines like a new born boat.
It was my intention to travel east and move the van to here , however the distances are massive and my best endvour to secure a moorring proved to be fraught with problems, not least a man who is determined to use 10 words when 1 will do.
Last night was a dinner, I had a smallpanic when I saw people leaving the marina who are in the event wearing ties; however most people proved to be as badly dressed as me.
Tommorow is start at 1pm Radio is on hand if anyone can connect to radio cornwall. We all have trackers fitted, so if any watchers can find there way to azab2011. ( i think) there is a link to a company who are called yellow brick, and these people will be updating our position on a 3 hour basis.
Looks like good big winds from the north for the first couple of days so Gerty should be able to do a bit of surfing.