Mince Mince and not a recipe in sight!!!

Simon Ridley
Tue 10 Jun 2008 21:52
27:21.57N 59:47.70W
Course 067 M
Average speed 6 knots
Wind Speed 7/8 knots

Evening all, Greetings from team gertha after a day of actual sailing, yes we got wind and have been sailing all day....Woop Woop!! Nothing too strong but a lot nicer than the hum and buzz of the engine.Started sailing about at 6am this morning as another sunny day started.Since we have been averaging about 6 knots with the assemetric aka Gerry flying out front.Crossed the 60 long time zone early this afternoon and consequently the night time shifts will become a little shorter this evening...!! Well actually they wont but you get the idea.Morale onboard seems upbeat, well why would it be any different with sunshine and wind oh and the prospect of creatively cooking about 5 days of mince meat into different meals..Any suggestions much apprenciated....currently in a situtaion quite like ready steady cook and trying to make the most of the fresh veg we got left and of course mince before we hit the tins....Also skip was wondering the recipe for cobbler as planning a mince cobbler dish... Finally the three scandivainas now on board (after a wilson hair makeover and the sun enhancement to hair and skin) are wondering if any body knows any swedish so we can kid the inhabitants of the Azores when we arrive....as at the moment I do not believe Yah will do much to convince them.

Last but not least a very warm welcome to Mr and Mrs Longdon who I believe have joined in the exchange of banter to help us cross the atlantic.!

So ta rah for now

Love and flying fish

Kate and the mentally horizontally crew.