24:32.46N 61:27.25W

Simon Ridley
Sun 8 Jun 2008 21:29
That Sunday feeling. The wind dropped yesterday evening and we have been motoring through the night and for most of the day. Without the wind it is tres boiling on the boat, suncream has been applied generously and water has been flowing in and out of the fridge. We had our first good sunset last night follwed by a clear and starry night- making it easy to confuse the reflection of stars on the sea with boat lights in the distance. Simon baked us some fresh bread and scones today YUM YUM. High tea on the high seas.

At a high speed of four knots we are worried the sea police might pull us over for speeding! We intend to will the wind gods by making an offering of baked beens for dinner to increase sailing action.

Laura and the crew xx