sun up bimini up asym up

Simon Ridley
Sun 4 May 2014 14:17
20.47.9 N 64.53.9 W
We have left the sweat bowl of Nanny Cay be hind, out in open sea with a light breeze and sun.
The start yesterday was good with an easy sail between islands then out over the continental shelf; a brief rain and squall introduced crew to sailing in this part of world.
The swell also introduced crew to the pleasures of mal de mere; at one point the 5 droped to 3 now we are on 3.75 , guese it will be tomorow before we are on  5 crew.
I any one wants to text/sms the boat the iridium web site has a link , just type in your message on (88)1622475198, this is free for both parties; however we can only reply by email.
A small bird appeared today, a little like a gold creast, think he may be lost this far at sea.