Simon Ridley
Sun 17 Jun 2007 11:17
40:08.83N 08:51.62W

As always the english are paranoid about the weather, they have all come
to Portugal expecting good and are not getting good.
At the last port, Povoa de Varzim, we were stuck for two days as a big
wind came through, the marina was very rough with all the boats
strugling to be held down , we had double and triple lines on all
options , sleep was dificult.
The race was canceled on friday as no wind was forcast, we all left
early , proably because no one could sleep with the swell, the wind came
up and we managed to sail for over half the distance; I believe that
most of the other boats motered. Unfortunatly the distance to cover was
to great for us to stop and fish.
Arival here at Figuera da Foz coincided with a sardine supper in the
yacht club , an excelent way to arive, the wine was a little rough.
Yesterday continued with more weather , another low came through with
lots of rain , the morning was spent reading The Rime of the Ancient
Mariner, and Andrew splached out on some new shoes , the old ones are to
be used for shark bate as we understand they like cheese.
Today is looking better with sunshine and showers and hopfully the last
of this depresion passing through, maybe we will get a chance to try the
beach and a swim.
Tommorow sees us going further south.