Skipper Becoming Dog

Simon Ridley
Fri 16 May 2014 20:06
LAT 32.16 N LON 60.49 W
We’ve spent the first couple of days at a funny angle, sloshing around like a can of Special Brew during a fight. Saw my dinner twice but have been fine since then (thanks due to Webster for the tablets). Cooked a fry-up this morning at said angle...harder than you might think (or I thought). As guessed, more wildlife has popped up today, in the form of a small pod of little dolphins, playing up front (or, if you’re Emma, a herd of dolphins). Lovely treat, and something I’ve been hoping to see for some time. Hopefully they will come back to play some more.
We’re all in good spirits, having a merry old time, but word is that our merriment will soon be obliterated by the coming gale that we keep hearing about on the radio. Have baked an emergency loaf of bread as galley may well be out of service tomorrow. Skipper and the Swede don’t seem too worried, so Emma and I are following suit.
I was cooking dinner just now and skipper woke up and began growling at me. He’s sleeping on deck now...muttered something about chasing hares. Slightly concerned our captain is becoming a dog. Perhaps half-hearted attempt at response to impressive recently-full moon. Mauritz called me up as the thing rose last night. Started as small point, looking like navigation light and soon thereafter grew into beautiful red sphere, striped by clouds. I very much like the transitions between day and night. Each one is different and seems of unrepeatable beauty, yet we get to see it each and every day and night. Back-to-basics appreciation of the finer things.
Glorious afternoon, though. Rocking and rolling gently under a big, bright sun. Emma is chanting each time a Portuguese Man of War passes by.
Hoping to start heading in the right direction too. Have overheard the rest of the crew jabbering on about wind and clouds and this thing called sailing. Today was my lay day, though, so I’ve been doing more important things like eating biscuits, reading and sleeping. Life is good.
Anthony (CMO)