42:07.37N 08:50.79W

Simon Ridley
Mon 11 Jun 2007 12:10
Here we all are sitting in a marina, sun shine pleasant breeze and warm.
Last night was prize giving, wine and tapas in the club house with preety dress, now I can be seen in blazer and tie receiving second prize; not sure if winning a prize or dressing up was the greatest shock.To view this spectacle try www.woldcruising.com
Best night of trip was early thursday morning, I was dozing in cockpit, flat calm and some whales came to se me. One was blowin g off all around Gertha then went under boat and had a chat through the hull.
Best day was monday evening surfing down waves at 10 knots with Dolphins playing all around, I have now found that Dolphhins are bigger posers that Doberman dogs.